Team Texarkana is ready for football and tailgating where allowed. Jim, Lisa, and I are sporting Team Texarkana shirts and caps from Turners Arts and Gifts on Arkansas Blvd.

Did you know that Turners Arts and Gifts is your headquarters for everything football? It doesn't matter if you root for the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, Arkansas Razorbacks, LSU Tigers, Texas Longhorns, Texas A&M Aggies, Oklahoma Sooners, Turners has you covered with one of the largest selections of sports apparel, and memorabilia in the Texarkana area. You'll find just about everything to cheer on your favorite team like shirts, hats, stickers, pennants, noise-makers, coolers, team mascot items, and more.

And since the store is in Arkansas it's been noted that they may have more Razorback merchandise than some stores in Little Rock and Fayetteville. And with the Hogs getting ready to take on the Georgia Bulldogs in their season opener this weekend, now's the time to load up for the big game.

Christmas is just around the corner and nothing makes a sports fan happier than receiving something sports-related from their favorite team. By the way, Turners also has a great selection of gifts and unique items for any occasion. And, if you need any framing done they offer that as well.

If you like the Texarkana t-shirts and caps that we are wearing in the photo they are available in all sizes and colors.

We support our local businesses in Texarkana and Turners Arts and Gifts has been around for a long time. I encourage you to go by and see them today at 310 Arkansas Blvd.

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