Did anyone catch A&E's new season of Storage Wars:Texas last night? Texarkana was featured in the season opener when the Storage Crew went to Payless Storage #2 at 7102 Hampton Rd.

The crew showed up and fought over locker storage units, then the auction bids started with every woman and man scrambling to buy the right locker with hopes of finding any hidden treasures that would give them a return for their investment. After sifting through boxes of trash and junk, the fiery competition finally came to an end when Ricky and Bubba found what they deemed the Holy Grail.

Talk about making your money back and then some! Can't help to think what the people the locker originally belonged to are feeling now if they watched the episode.

See a video clip from the episode that was titled "Raiders of Arkana" to find out what Ricky and Bubba found.

Storage Wars:Texas airs Tuesday nights at 9/8C on A&E.