Firefighters are prepared to risk their lives every day, but sometimes it's the wonderful interactions and help they can give someone that really makes an impact. It's great to see that these Texarkana Firefighters are being recognized for going above and beyond and as the City of Texarkana Texas described as being "Caught Exceeding Expectations."

The City of Texarkana Texas posted on Facebook last week:

We would like to recognize Capt. Jeremy Gingery, Firefighter Roger Hand and Firefighter Parker Showalter as they were recently "Caught Exceeding Expectations." These three men decided to help an elderly citizen by finishing her cooking for her after she had made two 911 calls within a 30 minute time frame reporting smoke coming from her stove when attempting to cook her meal. These three members of the Texarkana, Texas Fire Department represent the type of service and kindness that all of our firefighters exhibit and we are proud to have them representing the City of Texarkana, Texas.

Way to go guys and thank you for all you do!!

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