Apparently "tired" of a students messiness, a Tennessee kindergarten teacher tried a unique approach to get the student to clean up his act. She instructed her other students to encircle the boy, call him a pig and "oink" at him.

Debbie Hayes, who has taught kindergarten for 38 years, is the teacher in question. She's received a one day suspension without pay for what her boss, Dr Toni H McGriff, calls "a black eye on the profession' and "a black eye on our schools.'' Another teacher walked into the class room and reported what she saw to the principal.

The students in the circle were 'oinking' and making pig sounds at the little boy

Seriously? A ONE DAY suspension? Students (you know, kids) are suspended for 3-5 days for "bullying" other students and this ADULT instructs kids to bully a student and gets a ONE DAY suspension? What a joke! This teacher should be fired immediately for this act. There is absolutely NO excuse for it. I'm all for discipline and creative ways to discipline to get my message across, but NONE of those ways include bullying a kindergartner. And that's what this amounts to by most peoples definitions. According to the government web site,, name calling and teasing someone is BULLYING them!

Ok, I'll jump off my soap box now. What do you think? Punishment for this teacher too harsh? Was she just at her wits end and justified in what she did?