You've tried "Look at the Birdie" "Over here!" or "I'll give you some candy when we're done." But sometimes you just can't get your kids or baby to act right or pose for the camera. Have no fear because famed baby photographer Anne Geddes is giving tips.

There is no doubt that we really should listen to her. I mean come on, she invented total baby cuteness. All those well behaved babies that she's photographed in flower and vegetable costumes? She's gotta know a thing or two.

Anne Geddes sat down with Time magazine and in her interview she gives some great tips.

In the video below she talks about crouching down and seeing the world from their level. Remember to have fun with it, be spontaneous and don't get uptight if it's not perfect. I love it when she says that you want to remember certain moments like the 2 year-old who refused to wear matching socks. Yep, now that's cuteness.

Check out the video below and if you have any tips we'd love to them. Now, if she could only give us ideas on how to photograph our furry four legged babies.

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