The annual Arkansas High/Texas High Football game is scheduled for Friday Sept. 6, at Arkansas High's Razorback Stadium. The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department would like to offer the following suggestions to those who will be attending the game.


Vehicles may enter the Stadium the following ways:


  1. Home (Arkansas) Fans - East on E 18th. St. from Jefferson Ave. and turn into the Home Parking Area.


  1. Arkansas Season Ticket Holders - South on Franklin St. from E. 24th St. and straight into the VIP Parking Area


  1. Visitor (Texas) Fans – Arkansas Boulevard east to Hwy. 67/ E. Broad St. South on Broad to E. 18th St. Turn west on E.18th from Broad St. and then left into the Visitor Parking Area.  Also, north on Hwy. 67/ Broad St. from Hwy 82 E. (E 9th St), then west on E. 18th St.


There will be "No Thru Traffic" on E. 18th Street beginning at 5:30pm until 11:00pm


Jathan Fink
Jathan Fink


Vehicles may exit the Stadium the following ways:


  1. Home (Arkansas) Fans - West on E 18th St. to Jefferson Ave.


  1. Arkansas Season Ticket Holders & Drop Off and Pick of Students - North on Franklin St. from Stadium to E. 24th St.


  1. Visitor (Texas) Fans - East out of the parking lot to Hwy. 67. North or South on Hwy. 67.

Anyone parking on the East Side of Franklin St. near a "No Parking Sign" between East 24th and East 18th St. will be moved towed and or ticketed for illegal parking. The street needs to be reserved for Fire Department traffic to access.


Parents dropping off or picking up students to see the game: 

- Try to arrive early to avoid traffic congestion. Parking attendants will be in place inside the stadium parking area. If you choose to park in a residential area near the stadium be sure not to block private driveways. Vehicles that block private drives or that are found double parked are subject to be towed.

- All persons entering the stadium are subject to be searched by metal detectors. Bags are also subject to be searched for weapons and contraband. Everyone attending the game is advised to avoid bringing large purses or bags into the stadium. This should speed up access into the stadium and avoid unnecessary delays at the gate.

- No concealed weapons are allowed on school property.

- No alcohol is permitted in the stadium or parking lot. Anyone who is found to be consuming alcohol in public or is under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be subject to arrest.

- Police Officers will be patrolling inside the stadium as well as in the neighborhoods around the stadium. Officers will be enforcing all criminal and traffic laws.

This game is an event that we all look forward to each year. With everyone's cooperation the 2019 Arkansas/Texas game will be a memorable and fun event for all who attend.

Those wishing to take a shuttle to the game here's all the information you need.

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