Have you ever been the victim of a prank? Or maybe you were the one who pulled the prank on a friend or co-worker. There are all kinds of ways to surprise that unsuspecting person but the looks are priceless.

Few things are more satisfying than pulling off a really, really good prank. I'm talking about the ones that leave the recipient completely spazzed out and scared to death.  Basically, it's just a practical joke but sometimes it just comes off as plain mean. You know what they say though - payback is hell.

The Scary Maze Game is that kind of prank. Completing the maze requires users to intensely concentrate on their computer screens, creating perfect conditions for scary situations to go down. You may have seen that fake car commercial where you stare at the car and get so entrenched in the commercial then out of nowhere a nightmare zombie girl pops up and scares the (you know what out of you). Thanks Lisa!

But back to the computer game - it has created some of the most hilarious reaction videos on the Net. Screaming zombie girl has even caused a drill sergeant to freak out in fear, so we're pretty sure it's legit.

Check out the funniest reactions to The Scary Maze Game below!