it's almost time to get scared. Due to a rainy night tonight The Haunted Trails in Leary, Texas will open tomorrow night Thursday (October 29) at 7:15PM. 

The Haunted Trails will now be open Thursday, October 29, Friday, October 30 and of course on Halloween night Saturday, October 31.

Their facebook page says :

 Sure to give you nightmares. You will scream as you walk through the murky darkness not knowing what's ahead.

But they do say it is family-friendly and fun for all ages and they will be practicing COVID Awareness.

The screams on the Haunted Trails start at 7:30PM each night and go on until 11PM. It's only a $5 entry fee per person ...if you dare.

Friday and Saturday nights half the proceeds will be split and go to the Oasis Community Church Youth Group and to the Texas High Drama Club.

Located at 298 Barkman Creek (FM1398) in Leary, Texas. Find out more information at their Facebook page

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