Michael Wacha has been the center of all the attention recently with all the baseball stuff going on in the world series by the way star picture for the St Louis Cardinals he's been doing very well in postseason. But the question everyone's asking is does he know what the waka waka waka references use as the recent video and this is what he had to say.

Waka who will pitch tonight in all or nothing game for St Louis in the World Series had this to say about the silly muppet reference.

Yeah I experienced it is it in college ball going on the road definitely the last few starts in this post season. Ask by reporters if you ever watched The Muppets waka said not too much of it.

The history of the waka waka waka actually comes by a player by the name of John Axford Axford found a video of Fozzie bear saying waka waka and played it over and over and over again. And now its just got a stuck but it seems kinda played out even on Wacha himself.

Regardless of what happens in the World Series game tonight Michael Wacha has given Texarkana a little something to be proud of.