Would you take a swig of Apple Cider Vinegar if it made your heartburn go away? It works! But boy does it taste....well, bad would be an understatement. When I'm ailing I go to google for answers. I always try a natural remedy first. I don't have anything against Doctor's, I just would rather try to fix myself first (and save that money!). Here are some things I've found online:

  • Coconut oil can help you lose weight
  • Yoga helps fight off insomnia
  • Ginger can lower your triglycerides
  • Turmeric can keep your blood sugar level
  • Mushrooms can control cholesterol
  • Mustard Baths can stop muscle pain

I got these tips from here:

Best Natural Remedies around the World

There are lots more websites that I visit-thanks Google!

I am always interested in home remedies too. What are your "go-to" home remedies for what ails you?

Can't wait to read them! Happy Tuesday!