It's back! The Kicker Cash Code is locked and loaded with more cash for the month of May. With the summer vacation season upon us, who couldn't use a little extra cash? How about $1,000?

I mean, could you use an extra grand to put toward that vacation you were planning this summer? Maybe go on a shopping spree, payoff some bills, go to the casino, or just spend as you like. The possibilities are endless on what you could do with an extra $1,000.

Here's how you could win! Tune into to Kicker 102.5 Monday through Friday at 7:10AM and 4:10PM for the Kicker Cash Code to be announced when you hear the code, head over to our website and go to our contest page to enter the code word for your chance to win $1,000. It's that simple!

Remember there are two separate code words to be announced, twice per weekday at 7:10AM and 4:10PM. That means two chances to win cash. Think of all the ways you could spend $1,000.

The Kicker Cash Code brought to you by Orr Chevrolet.

*This is a multi-market contest. Contest ends June 2, 2017. Codes are only valid the day they're given out.

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