Sometimes when we have a big event in town, the radio air-personalities actually have to "work", or at least their idea of it. Here's a small glimpse of their "work".

So, the other night we had an event at Shooter's. Dustin Lynch was in town to do a show, so the radio personalities had to show up and represent the stations, and our sponsors. So, here is how it went... Lisa and I showed up around 7PM and hung out in the VIP area, because that is where the free food was. We were going to introduce the opening act, Logan Mize... (because Mario introduces the headliners, he is our celebrity lol).

Photos by Jeff

Well, we hung out and ate all of the toast, crackers, and broccoli (?), on the party platter, did a couple of shots of Patron, then went and introduced the show... talked about sponsors, and you know..."worked". Afterwards we ended back up-stairs and when Logan got done with his set, we did some special shots named after a Smurf body part... (the professional photographer took some photos, but deleted them for some reason... LISA... It was funny, but now you will just have to wonder what it was, since there is no evidence, I mean photos to share...LISA.)

Here is the view of the crowd from the stage when the lights are in your eyes...

All joking aside, the best part about "working" is getting to meet the people that make our jobs possible, like Ms. BJ Nettles, we had such a good time meeting her, and hope to see all of you soon!