The Animal Control Officer from Gurdon (where I currently live) submitted his sweet doggie, Ellie Mae, to win the title of "World's Ugliest Dog" and she made the finals! Can you vote for her? She is the sweetest ugliest doggie I know! Here is an article "from" Ellie Mae:

Hi! My name is Ellie Mae and I am a Chinese Crested Hairless Dog, and I am, shall we say, 'esthetically challenged'?! LOL! I am trying to figure out why there is so much fuss being made over me and this silly 'World's Ugliest Dog' contest! My daddy tells me that I can, (and do), make a difference for our local shelter, and I am told I already have made a difference to some folks at places like a nursing home where I have visited sick and old folks and at our primary school. I don't know how because all I do is snuggle up to people and let them pet me, while I usually fall asleep...apparently people like that! Daddy tells me that we are going to California in June for the contest where they choose the ugliest dog in the world...I am not sure I want to be called 'ugly', but he assures me that it is in name only and that I am a beautiful little if I didn't already know that much! Everywhere I go people want to pet me and ask daddy questions about me. There must be something unique about me, but I don't really understand what that is. Anyway, until the main contest, there is another related contest they call the 'online voting gallery'. Daddy says that my picture is there and people can vote on it, and that gives people an idea of what dog should or could win...and he tells me that I am currently in first place! He said that people can go to the page at:
and vote for me! He said that all you need to do is click the dot next to my name, (under my picture), then scroll down and type in your email address, and the special code that is there to make sure an actual person is voting and that there are no duplicate votes. Next, either hit then 'enter' key, or click the 'Submit Vote' button. That is it! You can vote only one time per email address. Daddy tells me that I can do a lot of good, if I win, by raising awareness for rescue animals all over the place, and can also make an impact on the shelter he runs. I know he runs a shelter because I smell the different doggies on him when he comes home from work all the time. It used to make me jealous, but not any more because I know he is helping them and they need his attention pretty bad sometimes, so I don't mind sharing him with them. Anyway, please go and vote for me in the online gallery...when you do, you are showing support for my many furry, (and fur-less!), relatives that are sitting in shelters, pounds and rescues everywhere and the many that are alone on the streets. Thank you for your support!"


I know I ask you guys to vote for lots of stuff, but this contest will help the shelter in my hometown and it only has two more days so please take a second and click the link listed above to vote!

Thank you so much!

Much love,