In this day and age when identity theft is such a part of our every day lives, you would think that saying your birth date with your first and last name out loud in front of six to ten people would not be a requirement to get your prescription. That information is all someone needs to access your world. To make matters worse, the pharmacy staff also reads your prescription out loud as well as your address “for verification purposes.” This is happening at our local Walmart so you could be the next victim of identity theft.

On Saturday, I picked up my prescription refill from Walmart’s pharmacy. The counter was lined up with at least three people giving up their personal data at the same time. The cashiers ask “name please.” Then birth dates were called out by each customer. My cashier told me “you have one prescription” and then she proceeded to call out my home address. I interrupted her and said “its the same.” This ticked her off and she snapped back “I have to verify that this is you.” If in fact the address needs to be verified shouldn’t it be me giving the information rather than the cashier? The whole process just seems to be WAY behind the times. Where is the privacy?

We are constantly being warned about identity theft with tips on how to protect our information and for good reason. Identity theft is costly and emotionally devastating.

In my past, I have been involved in investigations where I located individuals and/or their property. All that I needed was a name and address. If I also got a birth date I could get anything and everything I needed to locate all assets, even bank accounts. I do not feel that we should be forced to tempt fate. It is time for Walmart to change their pharmacy policies to protect our information.

Do you agree?