During a recent Virgin Blue flight from Fiji to Australia, a stewardess spotted a 17 month old boy playing peek-a-boo with his dad and decided to play along.

She picked up the boy, played him in an over-head storage bin and shut the door. Others around them on the plane were laughing, but the mother was not amused. She immediately stood up and demanded the stewardess get her son "out of there now".

The couple was given two free flights on the airline for the incident and the stewardess has been fired, but the mother says she believes her son has been "traumatized" by the incident and she'll never fly again. Pretty safe bet that she'll be filing a lawsuit against the airline.

Traumatized lady? Really?

What do you think. Did this mom over-react? If this were me, I'd probably stand up and chuckle while opening the hatch and pulling him out of there. Unless the stewardess shoved him in there violently and he was kicking and screaming, no harm no foul. 17 month old babies are pretty resilient. I think he'll live.