Now soccer moms can be more vocal that's because Toyota just announced a new option that will be available in their 2015 Sienna minivan. Imagine taking the kids to a soccer game or better yet a road trip and everyone in the backseat is acting up. Behold! An optional MICROPHONE in the driver's seat that amplifies your voice through the speakers in the backseat. The option is called Driver Easy Speak.  Is that the craziest thing you've ever heard of?  Basically makes screaming at your kids a little louder. In reality, if you are a passenger in the back seat it's kind of hard to hear so having a microphone in the rear seats is a pretty cool idea when you think about it.

By the way, Minivan sales peaked in 2000, at 1.37 million. Last year, it was about one-third of that, at 519,000.

What's next an option that will paddle your kids if they misbehave?

(Source:ABC News)