Thanksgiving is almost here! Over the next few days the grocery store will be crammed with people shopping for that perfect Thanksgiving feast. Every year my wife cooks up the juiciest turkey and a honey glazed ham to perfection. It takes a lot of hard work and time to prepare the perfect feast, but in the end it's all worth it. Did you know there is now an app to help you cook the perfect turkey?

You can download Butterball Cookbook Plus -- a source for great-tasting recipes and ideas to make your family mealtime even more special. Get access to great recipes, information on turkey tips, how-to videos, upcoming Butterball promotions, and more.

The app also features a ton of recipes, many of them focused on Thanksgiving and turkeys, but also in categories like Healthy Lifestyle, Kid-Friendly, and Outdoor Cooking.

Like any good cooking app, this one lets you add favorite recipes to your "recipe box," create a shopping list based on ingredients you find in each recipe, add your own recipes, and even print recipes if you prefer hard copies. Plus, it offers handy tools like measurement conversion charts, substitution lists, and multiple timers.

What your really going to love about this app is the Prepare Mode, which shows each recipe in a large, easy-to-read format when you turn your iDevice sideways, and voice commands. You can say "next" or "back" to turn pages, a number to skip to specific step in the recipe, or various "timer" commands.

If you want this app, it's available in the Apple app store for $4.99.

I still prefer my Thanksgiving meal made from scratch but in this day in age a little help never hurts. Can't wait for my wife's special mashed potatoes there out of this world!

Is there something special your family makes for Thanksgiving? Whatever the case may be I hope you are thankful for the many blessings that have come your way through the years. This holiday is about being together with family and friends, a time for reflection, and of course a little football too.

Check out this video from YouTube.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone and may God Bless!