I can't wait for the summer heat to break and for fall temperatures to set in. When the weather cools, I always enjoy a nice leisurely trip through my hometown of De Queen and up to Queen Wilhelmina State Park on top of Rich Mountain.

One you get to Mena and turn onto Talimena Scenic Drive, life just seems to slow down. Of course, you'd better drive slow on this road, because if you don't it's a long way to the bottom! As you creep up the mountain, the views are breathtaking. There are vista's every hundred feet or so where you can pull off the road and take in the scenery.

At the top of Rich Mountain sits the Queen Wilhelmina State Park where you can camp, picnic, enjoy some put put golf, take nature walks, ride the train around the park and many other activities.

All in all it's just a great way to spend a fall afternoon. If you go around Halloween time, the folks at the state park decorate the train route with all sorts of spoooooky Halloween stuff (most of the decorations are really cheesy, but the kids love it).


All aboard! Scott Mills/TownSquare Media


The Lodge at Queen Wilhelmina State Park is currently underdoing major renovations and is closed this winter. It will re-open next summer. If you want to stay there, better make your reservations well in advance!