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Oklahoma Mom Shoots and Kills Home Invader
First of all, as a self defense instructor, I believe that EVERYONE needs to know how to defend themselves, and our world will never be safer than it is today. Here's a story out of Oklahoma about SELF-DEFENSE... and what you can do to protect your family inside your home.
Hank Jr Dumps ESPN. No, Wait. ESPN Dumps Hank Jr…
The only thing we know for sure is that Hank Williams Jr will no longer be singing "Are You Ready For Some FOOOOOTBALLL????" on ESPN's Monday Night Football. Other than that, both sides are claiming they're the one that dumped the other.
Tomb of the Unknowns Guarded Through Hurricane Irene
This is one of the stories in all of the Hurricane coverage that gave me a real sense of pride.  Proud that the 3rd US Infantry Regiment “The Old Guard” will never forget the sacrifices and the respect owed, to not only the Tomb Of The Unknowns, but to all of the men…
Country Stars Speak Out On Casey Anthony
By now everyone knows that Casey Anthony was found NOT GUILTY for the death of her her 2 year old daughter Caylee. Leading up to the shocking verdict it reminded of the O.J. Simpson trial when everyone at work was gathered around the TV to see what the final verdict would be.

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