Witches Brew Frappuccino now Available until Oct. 31
With Halloween just days away it's only natural that Starbucks would be brewing up a spooky concoction of some kind to help celebrate the day. Starting today, Oct. 25, Starbucks nationwide is introducing its customers to a new drink named, Witches Brew Frappuccino.
Taco Tico is Now Officially Open in Texarkana
Finally! The long wait is over. Taco Tico is now officially open at 4833 Texas Blvd.  Now, it's going to be a matter of waiting in line for your food both inside and out in the drive-thru. But be patient because it will all be worth it! Texarkanians have been waiting for this day ever sinc…
Taquitas Plus ‘Where it’s all Bueno’ in Texarkana
Lately I've been on quest to find the best local places for great unique food in Texarkana, recently I discovered Taquitas Plus. They are a fairly new local place that just opened three months ago in a small house at 3015 Texas Blvd. The place is very colorful and vibrant so it's not hard …
Top 5 Most Haunted Highways in Arkansas – Travel If You Dare
Have you ever been traveling down some dark highway in the middle of nowhere and see something you just can't explain. Or maybe you've experienced the eerie feeling that something or someone might be traveling with you. It's happened to me on one or two occasions and the hair on the b…

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