St. Patrick's Day is coming up Monday, March 17 and according to a survey from PR Newswire most Americans will be celebrating the holiday in some way.When I was a kid St. Patty's Day always reminded me of the start of the Spring season. My mom would always send me and my brother out into the yard to find that lucky four-leaf clover. We would spent countless hours going through all the clover trying to find that one four-leaf clover. I finally realized, I think my mom was just trying to get us out of her hair and out of the house.

But going back to that survey 97% of people plan on celebrating St. Patrick's Day which I'm sort of surprised about.  The average person will spend $35 while 41% will be heading to a party or bar.  Half of us will drink beer, 19% will drink hard liquor, 9% will drink both.

And if your wondering about the best brews to drink on St. Patrick's Day, Guinness is the most popular  followed by Budweiser, Miller Light, Coors Light, Sam Adams, and Heineken. And YES 49% plan to drink green colored beer.

Oh, they forgot one tradition searching for that Pot O' Gold! Break out the Lucky Charms!

Check out this cool video about St. Patrick's Day

( Source: PR NEWSWIRE)