Our sense of smell is amazing! It can make us smile with the beautiful fragrance of a flower. It can make us hungry with the smell of good food! It can tell us something is wrong like something is on fire or that food has gone bad. It can also trigger memories!

A new study from Disneyland Paris of 2,000 adults showed the most common smells that trigger memories of our childhood.

Some of the top smells that transport us immediately to our childhood are: fresh-cut grass, pencil shavings, baby powder,  Vicks Vapor Rub and other cold and cough medicines, Play-Doh and cotton candy.

Mine would have to be instant coffee! When I was little my dad was the only coffee drinker in the house so he would have a cup of instant coffee in the morning. It's funny because I had never thought about it before and then a couple of years ago, my husband bought some instant coffee. He made a cup and I was like "Oh, my gosh! I love that smell!" It reminded me of my Dad.

I also love the smell of Old Spice, yep my dad wore that just like every man probably did in the 60's and early 70's. I actually bought some last year, just so I could smell it again!

We asked the question "What smells instantly take you back to your childhood?" on Facebook. We got a ton of great responses!