A 7-year-old cancer patient named Lexi Bartlett met her idol, TAYLOR SWIFT, at Taylor's concert on Saturday in Philadelphia.  That's the happy ending to this story.  But here's the confusing and possibly disturbing chain of events that got her there.

Apparently, Taylor was SUPPOSEDLY scheduled to meet Lexi at a recent show in Newark, New Jersey.  We're not sure how that was set up... but according to reports, Taylor's record company execs CANCELED that meeting at the last minute.

(But Taylor clearly did not know about this alleged meeting, because there's NO WAY she would let anyone cancel it.)

(And I'm suspicious about the term, "record execs".  Backstage decisions like that come from the artist's manager or tour manager, not "record execs".)

Anyway, Lexi's mom then launched a Facebook page and a Twitter hashtag, #LoveForLexi ... in the hopes of making Lexi's dream come true.  Unfortunately, none of it got back to Taylor because Lexi and her mom never heard a peep.

And here comes the real hero of this story.  A Penn State University student named Nikki Rafferty read about the situation and turned over her pair of meet & greet passes for Taylor's show on Saturday.

And that's how Lexi Bartlett, who has stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer, realized her dream and met Taylor Swift.  By the way, there's been no word from Taylor's people to confirm or deny that anyone denied the first meet & greet.