He's backkkkk. That's right, Smokey the Bear has returned.

So you're wondering where Smokey has been the past few years right? Right. Well, he's been M.I.A. because the Advertising Council has been working hard to revamp Smokey's image.

The reason for this revamp is due to the fact that the Ad Council found that nobody really understood what Smokey was asking us to do. People knew who Smokey was but no one was getting the message. This new campaign is meant to improve that.

It's just in time too with the drought conditions that many have been under for a while now. When you're in a drought, wildfires are a huge hazard. Smokey is back to remind us of what we can do to prevent these from happening.

Check out the video below for a great message on wildfire prevention. Or, you know, just to giggle at the fact that Smokey the Bear is now dishing out hugs. But mostly the wildfire prevention- focus on that.