The Arkansas State Highway Commission has announced that federal funds are now available for recreational trail development.There funds were appropriated by Congress to build and maintain motorized, non-motorized and multiple use recreational trails. Cities, counties, and state and federal government agencies as well as incorporated not-for-profit agencies are eligible to apply for these funds.

The funds will be available to successful applicants on a matching basis. Eighty percent of a project's cost will come from the federal funds allocated to the state, while the other twenty percent will come from the project's sponsor. Donations of private funds, materials and services can be counted toward the sponsor's share of the project cost.

Eligible organizations may obtain applications by phoning (501) 569-2207.  Applications  can also be downloaded from . The deadline for applications to be received by the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department is 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday August 1, 2012.