Alright, we've all been guilty for wearing our jeans a little longer before their washed. Sometimes I may wear a pair of jeans one day, skip a couple of days and wear them again. But three times in one week is my limit before they hit the washer.

One Australian researcher has set out to find an answer to how long is too long to wear your jeans before washing them. Melbourne based Tullia Jack asked 30 volunteers to wear the same pair of jeans five days a week for three months straight, without washing them. Now, the dirty garments will go on display at the National Gallery of Victoria so the public can decide. Results, so far, show that men were more concerned with the smell of their jeans and were more likely to wash them more frequently. Once the three-month run ended, half of the volunteers said they wanted to keep going and not wash their dirty jeans.

One student told the Herald Sun the jeans don’t stink, they just “smell like people,” with smells ranging from caramel to motor oil.

So how long is too long before you decide to wash your jeans?