I am not so much bothered by stuff like ‘Historic Inaccuracies’ as much as I am with ‘Film Continuity’.  You know? When an actor has a gun in one hand, then when they show him again, it is in a the other hand, or different gun altogether. 

Continuity is defined as the state or quality of being continuous.  Here we are talking about details in movies.  I think the first time I noticed that these little things jumped out at me was the Bill Murray movie ‘Stripes’.  Specifically, the scene when ‘Winger” is going AWOL, and “Russel” tackles him, and as they cut from angle to angle the duffle bag is in different postitions.

Surely, you have seen some of these mistakes in movies too?  Here are a couple of pics I got from YouTube.

From the movie “Troy”… pretty advanced weaponry.

From “Gladiator”… compressed air tank to flip the chariot.

From the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’… brand tag.