A new survey from careerbuilder.com reveals that 16 percent of workers admit arriving late to work at least once per week and 27 percent admitted they had been late at least once in the previous month. Here are some of our favorite excuses listed in the survey.

One employee told his boss that his cat had the hiccups. Poor kitty. I wonder how you would go about treating that?

One Lady Thought She Had Won The Lottery (I, for one, would definitely show up for work even if I did win the lottery.. Because I would want to tell EVERYBODY! Oh yeah, this poor lady really didn't win anything.

One employee said he was late because he had to take a personal call from the state governor. Turned out, this excuse was true.

One lady got distracted watching NBC's "The Today Show". (A more believable excuse would have been "I turned on "The Today Show" and it caused me to fall back to sleep").

Then there's the old "my roommate was mad at me, cut my phone charger cord and so my phone battery died and my alarm didn't go off" excuse. (Or, in my case, I just completely neglected to plug in my phone before I went to bed... guilty!)

Some employees are just blatantly honest, telling their employees straight up they were interviewing for another job with another firm or informing them they had no intention of coming in to work on time.

Then there are those employees who believe the world owes them something, like the one in the survey that claimed his commute time should count toward his work hours.

And finally, one lady claimed she was late because a Fox stole her car keys. Hasn't she learned to put her keys up where the Fox's can't reach them?


I try hard not to be late for work, because when I am late EVERYBODY in town knows about it and I get texts and calls all day from people asking if everything is ok or teasing me about it (which, it's nice to know people care.. but..) The times I have been late, my excuse has always the same... I have five kids. Nuff' said.

Ever given or been given a crazy excuse for being late? Share it!