Alright, I know it's been a hot June. I mean really hot! How hot it will be come July and August is a sad thought for some to even imagine. So, I found it interesting that it was just announce yesterday that we might be heading for a mini Ice Age! Yes, that's what I said. The prediction is for sometime in the next decade. But it kinda cools me off to think about it right now.

Several lead scientists at the US National Solar Observatory and the US Air Force Research Laboratory announced this morning that a mini ice age might be in our near future as the sun finishes its 11-year cycle of activity. This news comes in stark contrast to current concerns about global warming, but rather than offering a solution to the threat of warming, this new revelation gives society another potential cause for concern.

Data indicates that the current cycle of sun spot activity, Cycle 24, is about to peak and will likely not renew again for several years. The current cycle closely resembles one which caused a mini ice age in Europe between 1645 and 1715, when rivers froze over and snow remained on the ground year-round.

The previous mini ice age occurred during what is called a Marauder Minimum, a lengthy period of time when no solar activity was observed. Prior to the Marauder Minimum, an especially strong solar cycle occurred, much like what we are experiencing today.

Does this mean that there is no global warming? Do you believe in global warning? For me, the jury is still out. What do you think?