An area woman needs your help. Leslie Harris was diagnosed with Leukemia back in September just hours before giving birth to her baby boy Samuel. Doctors say she needs a bone marrow transplant to live. The UAMS College of Nursing in Hope Arkansas is sponsoring a Bone Marrow Donor Drive this Thursday December 22nd at 4 different locations in Southwest Arkansas from 11 am to 6pm. The locations are First Presbyterian Church in Hope, Collum and Carney Clinic in Prescott, Lafayette County Ambulance Service in Lewisville, and  the Camden Fire Department Central Staiton in Camden.

Please try and help out Leslie and other leukemia patients by registering to become a bone marrow donor.

The payroll deduction battle continues on Capitol Hill. The U.S. House is not expected to go along with a 2 month extension of that deduction and with extending unemployment benefits. The Senate passed that stop-gap measure last week before heading on Christmas Vacation. The House would like to make the extension of the payroll tax deduction an entire year.

In Sports:

The San Francisco 49ers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Monday Night Football 20-3.