JAKE OWEN'S "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" video debuts today.  And even though I haven't seen it, I know it's worth checking out... mainly because it features Jake's ridiculously hot girlfriend Lacey Buchanan.

Here's Jake describing the video shoot, which features Lacey as Jake's love interest.  He said, quote, "There was no acting whatsoever in this whole video.

"It's pretty interesting to look at your life on film and believe it.  It's real.  You know, it's really cool.  It's [a] good feeling."

Jake and Lacey are pretty serious.  They met a while back, filming his "8 Second Ride" video.  Earlier this month they had dinner at the home of KEITH URBAN and NICOLE KIDMAN, and they went together to the "CMT Music Awards".

And that brings us to the best part of this story.  And I think you'll agree.  I found some photos of Lacey modeling lingerie and swimsuits on her Facebook page.

There's more:  Check out some even hotter photos, PLUS a video of her modeling lingerie on the website of some lucky photographer named Joey Wright.

(Here's the link to his site for even more.)

...As I have mentioned before, I like new music, but I love a slightly different version of a new song even more. Here's a link from an earlier post with Jake doing and acoustic version of "Barefoot Blue Jean Night".