The Arkansas Side Project Curb Appeal is continuing to aid residents to clean up Texarkana, Arkansas.The city is asking residents to take time to clean up their lots and dipose of any waster material in a legal manner.

This is a list of the streets that will be next in the project:

1. East 7th street from Stateline to East 9th Street.

2. East 8th Street from Stateline to East 9th Street.

3. East 9th Street from Stateline to Broad Street.

4, Arkansas Boulevard from Stateline to Highway 67.

5. County Avenue from East 9th Street to Interstate 30.

6. Preston Street from Eastside Drive to Price Lane.

7. Dudley Street from Jackson Street to S. Oats Street.

The city asks for residents to be patient as it will take some time to get to all of these.

The Arkansas Department  of Community Corrections will work in the Right-a-way edging the curb line, removing any grass growing in the street gutters, removing any illegal signage, and trimming any trees obstructing the sight distances along the roadway.

They will not be performing work on private property. The property owner is asked to clean their property and bring any deficiencies up to City Code.