This just might be the silliest school ban I've ever heard of! Ugg boots may not seem like a contributing factor to bad behavior at school, but Pottstown Middle School in Pennsylvania says Uggs are a distraction and have banned students from wearing them! Oh yeah, they are bad, really bad.  Check out why this school has banned them after the jump and take our survey.

According to school officials, students have been sneaking cell phones and food — both of which are prohibited during class time — into school by hiding them in Uggs. Won't they just find another way to sneak their phones and snacks in? Give me a break!

Some parents support the measure, but others argue that they can’t afford to buy multiple pairs of shoes for their children. Students, meanwhile, are reportedly considering wearing their Uggs at a future date as a form of protest. What do you think?

[via MSNBC]