St. Patrick's Day is this Sunday March 17 and whether you have Irish roots or not you can't help to want to celebrate this festive day. To me, St. Patrick's Day always signified the beginning of the spring season.As a kid growing up my mom would always send me and my brother out into the yard to look for a four leaf clover. We would spent countless hours looking for that lucky charm and I came to realize that was mom's way of getting us out of the house. Maybe you celebrate just because you want to dress in something green that day. You know the saying, if you don't wear green you will get pinched. I remember in junior high I wouldn't wear green because I wanted to get pinched by all the cute girls. Hey, don't laugh it worked!

So, I thought I would put a little something together to help your St. Patty's Day a little better. A few videos of songs with GREEN in the title or in the song.

Happy St Patrick's Day...and don't be kissing no blarney stone.