Our Country Cares for St. Jude Kids Radiothon is coming up next week! We'll have tons of great prizes and incentives for our Partners in Hope!

You can become a Partner in Hope easily online right here!

Last month, Mario, Jathan (our digital guru) and I went to Memphis to visit Saint Jude Children's Hospital. I'm always so amazed at this place! The research they do and the help they give the children and their families is just amazing! And to think that if your child is treated at St. Jude, you will never see a bill!

The other fantastic thing about St. Jude is they share their information freely with other hospitals and research centers around the world. So, guess what? A child that is receiving treatment for cancer or another catastrophic disease is more than likely getting their treatment from St. Jude research.

Below are some pictures from our trip. Oh, and I couldn't resist the chance at a pic with Randy Owen and Joe Nichols! Oh Yeah!!!