OK, Imagine this scene you're stuck in an elevator with a bunch of people you know nothing about. You pray and hope they stay quiet and do nothing stupid until the elevator doors open. RIGHT!There's always that one oddball that decides to say or do something stupid and makes the ride unpleasant for everyone. A new survey just done by CarreerBuider.com reveals some pretty disturbing elevator etiquette that other people witnessed.

For example: Changing a baby's diaper (really) Dental flossing, Fingernail clipping, showing strangers a rash and asking for advice, even fist fighting. Not to mention a few things we can't say on here.

I can remember getting on an elevator in Dallas one time and a guy started picking his nose and proceeded to wipe it on his shirt. (Ewwww)

I think one of the most annoying things to me is to have to hear someone Else's conversation in my ear. And the people who face the wrong way in a elevator. Are you kidding me? Or how about the woman who took a bath in her perfume. Or the man who hasn't bathed and stands to close to you. Then of course, the rudest - not stepping out of the way to let you off.

Has any of this ever happened to you or do you have a bizarre story to tell?