Pet Adoptions at Petsmart on Saturday
There will be a variety of dogs and cats available for adoption on Saturday, April 11 at Petsmart in Texarkana. The weather should be sunshine and nice temps so check inside and outside for the rescue groups with their pets that are ready to go to new homes.
Updated Videos of Dogs and Cats at Shelter in Texarkana [VIDEOS]
These videos were taken of dogs and cats at the animal shelter in Texarkana on Wednesday morning, April 8. My last round of videos helped to reunite a few dog owners with their lost pets so I decided to do another round of videos and attempted to get every dog and every cat that is at the shelter.
Could One of these Dogs be Your Missing Pet? [VIDEOS]
Dogs get out of their yards, some runaway, others disappear and some are stolen. Often these dogs (and cats, pigs, horses, goats and chickens) wind up at the animal shelter. That was good news for one family recently but on the same day it was sad news for another family.

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