With "Cowboys & Aliens" opening on Friday, IFC.com decided to put together a list of the 10 Least Realistic Cowboy Movies of All Time"Cowboys & Aliens" clocked in at #7.

This doesn't necessarily mean BAD, just unrealistic.  And really, their #1 pic, the 1970 midnight movie classic "El Topo", is a MASTERPIECE of insanity.  Anyway, here's the list...

#1.)  "El Topo",  1970  (The spiritual journey of a gunfighter.  Or something like that.  This one truly defies description.  You have to see it to understand why.)

#2.)  "Billy the Kid vs. Dracula",  1966  (Yes, this movie was actually made... as was a companion piece called "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter".  It's not clear how that one escaped this list.)

#3.)  "The White Buffalo",  1977  (Charles Bronson, as Wild Bill Hickok, teams up with Crazy Horse to hunt down a white buffalo.)

#4.)  "Back to the Future Part 3",  1990

#5.)  "Westworld",  1973  (A cowboy robot at an adult fantasy theme park goes haywire and starts killing.  It's sort of a precursor to "Jurassic Park", which is no surprise, since Michael Crichton wrote and directed it.)

("The Simpson" did a parody of it where the robots at Itchy and Scratchy Land malfunction.)

#6.)  "Wild Wild West",  1999  (Definitely one of Will Smith's biggest bombs.)

#7.)  "Cowboys & Aliens",  2011

#8.)  "Undead or Alive:  A Zombedy",  2007  (The title... along with the fact that Chris Kattan is in it... says it all.)

#9.)  "Shanghai Noon",  2000  (Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan fight bad guys in the Old West.)

#10.)  "The Terror of Tiny Town",  1939.  (--This one is played straight, but the cast is made entirely of LITTLE PEOPLE.  Except technically, they're not Little People... because "big people" don't exist in this universe.)

(It probably inspired "Bugsy Malone"... the 1976 gangster movie with an all-kid cast that included Jodie Foster and Scott Baio.)

(Anyway, you'll find the list, along with write-ups and video clips for each movie, here.)

Here's the trailer for the "Cowboys & Aliens"...