And we thought the "tanning mom" was bad for bringing her daughter into the tanning salon! How about taking your 18-month-old daughter to an armed robbery?  It took place in Lubbock with a high speed car chase ending in a SUV rolling over and the little girl being ejected from the vehicle. The good news is the child only suffered minor injuries!

CNN reports:

Video footage taken from inside the police cruiser chasing the SUV shows the little girl being thrown as the SUV flips, but she immediately stands up and runs after the vehicle through what appears to be broken glass and metal scraps.

The video shows a young woman, identified by Stewart as the child's mother, rushing from the car to the wobbly child, scooping her up and running away.

"I think anybody who looks at that video would be shocked to see the kid actually stand up and be walking around, and seeming OK," Stewart said. "It's pretty miraculous it was just minor injuries that the child sustained."

Inside the SUV were four teenagers including the child's parents, who had just robbed someone at gunpoint in a bar parking lot.

Believe me, if this child was not o.k. I would not be posting this video!