Spring is in the air and the glorious time of Easter is almost here. This weekend will conjure up memories of Easter egg hunting with the family. I remember after church one year we had an egg hunt on the church grounds and after all these years I still get excited about finding the golden prize egg and a bunch of candy. You can't go into a store and not see aisles of Easter candy and baskets galore. One of my favorite candies that I looked forward to getting on Easter was those hollowed chocolate bunnies, maybe because I just wanted to eat the ears first. Second, I had to have a Cadbury cremed filled egg and third a marshmallow Peep. Now there are so many combinations of candy out there it will make your sweet tooth fall right out, literally.  All I know is two of my favorites made the list of the worst candy for Easter.

According to a blog post in the Houstonpress.com:

Here's a list of the worst Easter Candy see if you agree or not.

1. Brach's Chicks & Rabbits

2. Chocolate Crosses

3. Candy Corn

4. Generic Jelly Beans

5. Peeps

6. Brach's Bunny Basket Eggs

7. Bunny Munny (foiled wrapped money candy)

8. Fluffy Stuffed Cotton Tails (cotton candy)

9. Jordan Almonds

10. Cadbury Creme Egg

You may not agree with the list but one thing is for certain, many families will gather this weekend to pray, eat, and make new memories Easter egg hunting, whether it be with your children or your grand children. It's a time for renewal, forgiveness, and to be thankful for all the wonderful gifts that God has given you.

Happy Easter!