Has your dad ever done anything funny or embarrassing to you in public? I've threatened a few times to walk into Walmart store with boxer shorts and cowboy boots a few times. Wait a minute, people already do that! Well, a new survey has just reported that teenagers stay an average of 22 feet away from their dad in public because their afraid their friends may see them.Here are the Top 5 most embarrassing things fathers do their kids in public.

1. Dancing in public (unless you can dance like Michael Jackson don't do this)

2. Singing in public (unless you can sing like a superstar forget it)

3. Telling bad jokes (unless your Larry the Cable Guy don't even attempt)

4. Dressing like a dad (never do this NEVER)

5. Trying to be cool using youngster slang words(most teenagers hate this)Seriously!

So, if your teenager stays 22 feet away from you in public don't feel bad unless you just cut the cheese! Wait a minute I think I just broke #3.

(Source:Daily Mail)