When it comes to awards shows somebody always "gets robbed".  It has to happen.  Not everyone is nominated... and only a select few can win.  So when I hear people whining about their favorite artist not getting this or that, I tune out.

And yet, here I am stunned that RASCAL FLATTS got zero ACM nominations. Just so you know, I'm not even that big of a fan.  I just don't understand how a band so active and successful can get shut out.

I'll accept that none of their music got nominated, because there are so many incredible songs to choose from every year.  But why didn't they pick up a Top Vocal Group nod?  That makes no sense.

Let's break it down.  I'm cool with LADY ANTEBELLUM and ZAC BROWN BAND being nominated.  They're both on fire and each had a huge year.  But after that there's a big time drop-off.

The rest of the nominees are LITTLE BIG TOWN, THE BAND PERRY and the RANDY ROGERS BAND.  Don't get me wrong, they're all good bands... but none could come close to matching what Rascal Flatts did last year.

Rascal Flatts had a huge summer tour... they released a Top 10 album, "Nothing Like This"... and their song "Why Wait" spent two weeks at Number One.  They were even on "American Idol", and did an episode of "CSI".

So you have to wonder what the ACM voters use as criteria?  If it's what the artist did in the past year, then Rascal Flatts got robbed.  If not, then I'd like to know what they're looking for.  Any ideas?

By the way, the band is taking this in stride.  Yesterday, bassist JAY DEMARCUS sent out this Tweet, quote, "Thanks for your support y'all.  It is disappointing but congrats to all the nominees!  We're just gonna keep on making music!"

(Why do you think Rascal Flatts was shut out from getting an ACM nomination?  Is there a backlash because they're too huge?  Are people getting tired of them?)

(Also... do you think Rascal Flatts should boycott this year's ACMs?  Would you show up if you were as huge as them but weren't up for anything?)

(And while we're at it... What artist do YOU think is totally deserving, but consistently gets ignored come awards time?)