No matter where you are on gameday; all you need are friends, a tv to watch the game on as well as food and beverages and you can have just as much fun as you would at the stadium.

I love football. I love watching my Hogs play football. But, what I love more than anything is: TAILGATING!

It's a sickness I tell ya. We have totes and totes full of items we only use on gameday. Hog plates, napkins, red and white cutlery and anything else we can find with a Hog on it. We are, tailgating junkies. What better way to spend a fall Saturday (or an entire weekend!) than with friends, calling the Hogs and loving life?

Some weekends we're in Fayetteville or Little Rock tailgating. Sometimes, we tailgate at home in the backyard. Sometimes we go big, break out the sound system and projector screen and make it a huge party. Sometimes, it's as simple as grilling out with a small TV. But it's always just as fun no matter where we are.

When the Hogs take the field against Jacksonville State on Saturday, we won't be in Fayetteville, but that's not going to stop us from tailgating. We're going to pay per view the game and invite our friends over and watch the game on our projector screen in the back yard. Woo pig!

Alabama weekend, we're taking the trip to Fayetteville on Friday and tailgating all day on gameday and after the game as well! Tents, generator, tv and small sound system are on the accessories list for this one!

For the Rutgers game on September 22nd, we've decided to make a weekend out of it and do something different. We've rented a houseboat with a group of our tailgating friends on Lake Ouachita. The plan is to head out on Friday, find an island to tie up on, get the satellite lined up and watch football (and especially the Razorback game on Saturday) and tailgate all weekend long!

Looks like a fun place to tailgate to me! (Hills Lake Escape Stock Photo).

For our "RazorCruise", we're using Hills Lake Escape Houseboat Rental, but there are other houseboat rental places on not only Lake Ouachita, but Lake Greeson and Degray as well. (Broken Bow lake has a houseboat rental place too). The folks at Hills were great to work with, so we'd definitely recommend giving them a call!

Is there a neat/different place you've tailgated before that you would recommend others try? Have any good tailgating stories or tips? Share them below in the comments section! As always, if you see us tailgating in Fayetteville or Little Rock, feel free to stop and say hi!