With Halloween fast approaching many people are searching for that perfect costume for themselves and their pet. Dressing up your pet for Halloween has become the latest trend even though your pet may not agree with the costume you picked out for them.

I can remember dressing up my dog one year as Super Dog complete with cape and all. In a recent survey from the by the National Retail Federation (NFR) they claim that 16 percent of pet owners will dress up their pet this Halloween.

Survey says these are the Top 10 Most Popular Pet Costumes for Halloween.

1. Pumpkin

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2. Hot Dog

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3. Dog (for a cat)

4. Lion

5. Pirate (aaarrf...aarrf)

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6. Bumblebee


7. Devil (dog) Creepy

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8. Batman character


9. Ghost

10. Cat (for a dog?)

Will you be dressing up your pet this Halloween? One of my Facebook friends commented: