Do you like old classic cars and trucks? I don't know how you feel when it comes to vintage-type automobiles but there is something unique and nostalgic about climbing behind a car that's been restored to it's original beauty. It's part of our American heritage to see and remember a car the way it was when it came off the assembly line years ago.I have an Uncle who used to work for General Motors in Arlington, TX back in it's heyday when the auto industry was at it's peak. I remember going there as a young boy and he would take me on a tour to see how a car was made from start to finish. It was pretty amazing watching all the cars go thru the assembly line as each working part was assembled by a worker or machine.

Then, when I was a high school student one of my other uncle's sold me my first car, a 1967 Chevrolet Bel Air just like the one that's driven in the TV show 'Supernatural'. It was in mint condition, it had a two-tone paint job - sort of a gold-brown color with white top. Man, I thought I was the coolest dude at school when I would roll up into the parking lot in my classic car with baby moon hubcaps. Yeah, I had to pimp it up a bit with wide tires, raised white letters, even jacked up the back slightly, something most people did back then. And for those who don't know what baby moons are, no it's not someone hanging their #%^*# out the window even though I do remember a few friends who did that. Baby Moons were just chrome hubcaps that you could pretty much buy at any auto store back then and they would replace the original hubcaps of the car. I think you can still buy them today off the internet but they're just not that popular today.

I really regret to this day that I sold that car because I kept it in pristine condition and would probably be worth a whole bunch more today. It's one of those things you do as a teenager you don't think about until later in your life. But I was thankful for my uncle who sold me my first car and I have lots of memories like going to my senior prom in that old car.

So with all that talk about my car that brings me to tell you about the Four States Auto Museum 8th Annual Car Show at 217 Laurel Street this Saturday, May 11. Registration will open at 8 a.m. and Best of Show will receive $250. For more information on entry fees and swap meet spaces call 870-772-2886 or go to

For more on the museum see this video.

And if you're wondering what my Chrevrolet Bel Air looked like it was a lot like this one in this YouTube video.

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