This morning it was announced that Hostess is closing it's doors. I can't more Twinkies, no more Ding Dongs, no more Sno Balls.

Hostess Brands, the bankrupt maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, said it has sought court permission to go out of business after failing to get wage and benefit cuts from thousands of its striking bakery workers.


It's so weird how this news has affected me. As soon as this was announced this morning, all of a sudden my mind was flooded with childhood memories! School lunches my mother would pack for me in my Charlie Brown and Snoopy lunchbox. I remember the great feeling of opening up my lunchbox to see what snack was in there. Was it a Ding Dong or maybe a Sno Ball?

Maybe I'm just getting older and getting way to sentimental. I miss my Mom. It's been seven years now since she past. So, yes, childhood memories of what a great mom she was tend to make me tear up. I guess I just didn't realize how such a simple memory of a snack in my lunchbox could bring back so many great memories. By the way, my favorite was ALWAYS Ding Dongs.

Here are some great old Hostess commercials!

via Twinkies maker Hostess going out of business- MSN Money.