Lisa and I talked about it on the show this morning, our favorite fried chicken places on the National Fried Chicken Day, we came up with our favorite place to eat that delicious golden brown crusty fried foul, where's yours?

First of all, let's lay down a few ground rules here:

  1. Grandma's house does not count. Simply because not everybody can go to your grandma's house for a drumstick. Trust me, my grandmother made the finest fried chicken in the state of Texas as far as I'm concerned. But she doesn't count in this survey.
  2. Nuggets are barely chicken and will not be allowed in the survey either! Seriously.
  3. Wings are wings, some are fried, others baked, but they get covered in sauces and don't count for this survey.
  4. Chicken strips count but just barely, there are a few restaurants around that do only that, but it is fried chicken so they will count.
  5. I may have missed a local restaurant in the survey, please write it below if I did.

OK, rules are laid out, let's survey!

Have a great weekend y'all, see you Monday!



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