The Oscars are Sunday night! The biggest night in Hollywood and the most coveted award in film.  Some actors have very strange places to display them. It almost makes me think that winning an Oscar isn't as special as I thought it was, or maybe these Oscar winners just try to keep things in perspective.  Do you have a special award or trophy? Where do you keep yours?

Russell Crowe (Best Actor, 2001, 'Gladiator') reportedly keeps his in a chicken coop on his ranch in Australia where, he claims, it's inspired his hens to lay larger eggs.

Timothy Hutton (Best Supporting Actor, 1981, 'Ordinary People') just told USA Today, "About five years ago, my sister and I were having a party at my house in upstate New York. She put it in the refrigerator. She thought that would be kind of funny to put the Oscar in the refrigerator when people would go grab a beer or something ... It's still there."


Jack Nicholson (Best Actor 1998, 'As Good As It Gets,' Best Actor, 1976, 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest,' Best Supporting Actor, 1984, 'Terms Of Endearment') - The one-time Joker was rumored to use one of his three Oscars as a hat stand.

Goldie Hawn (Best Supporting Actress, 1970, 'Cactus Flower') is very zen about it: Her Oscar lives in her "meditation room" because, as she told a syndicated columnist, "trophy rooms are the opposite of me."

Nicolas Cage (Best Actor, 1996, 'Leaving Las Vegas') had displayed it in his movie room in his Los Angeles home. Now that he's trying to establish residency in Louisiana, as he told the media at the Toronto International Film Fest last year, "One of the ways they determine if you're a resident is they ask you, 'Where is your Academy Award?' So it's in a truck somewhere, moving through Louisiana."

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