Ever get mad that your favorite actor didn't make it to the ceremony? It's probably because it costs an arm and a leg. And that ceremony price tag? Yeesh.

It's awards season and with that comes the daddy of them all... Or should I say "mama of them all"? Anyway. The 2018 Oscars are hitting our screens on Sunday, March 4 on ABC. This is the biggest award show in the sense that those little golden statues hold a lot of meaning, but also this has to be the most expensive awards show out there.

Like, $44 million.

That's what WalletHub determined as they broke down some of the financial facts of the Academy Awards in their Oscar Economics. That $44 million price tag is just for the ceremony. Yes, the Oscars ceremony cost more than most films make at the box office.

And your favorite celebs are also forking over some serious cash on those outfits. WalletHub estimates that the average cost of an A-list Actress' look is $10 million. Of course, you could go a cheaper route, but these are the Oscars! The financial site determined that average attendees spend about $1.5 million on their look and the rookies out there spend $266,000.

That's a pretty penny for just 15 minutes of photos on that $24,700 red carpet, right? Maybe those celebs will make their money back in their next film. Oh! Or by selling their trophy? Maybe not. Those statues only cost $900, but they are 24-karat gold-plated.

Shall I continue?

Actually, I'll just let you check out the rest of these stats. WalletHub broke down everything including the value of the goodie bags, the price of a ticket to the Vanity Fair after party, and even how much Jimmy Kimmel is getting paid to host. You can check out the rest of those stats here.

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