Although the south is a popular place to move, some cities are seeing more growth than others.

When it comes to cities, growth is a good thing. It means more people are bringing their talents to the area and putting more money into the economy. As the U.S. Census Bureau reports, the south has experience this growth the last two years. In fact, eight of the 15 cities who experienced the most gains were in the south.

Recently, WalletHub looked at those states who continue to thrive. They compared more than 500 cities looking specifically at unemployment rate, the health of the economy, population growth, and more. Four of the top 10 cities are located in Texas with Midland, Pearland, McKinney and College Station coming in at numbers two, three, five, and six respectively.

The Lone Star state tacked on another three states in the top 20 alone.

On the other side of things, Shreveport was near the bottom of the list, coming in second to last. Aside from low population growth, Shreveport experienced the least growth in jobs and lowest poverty rate decrease. Although this sounds like a big dark cloud overhead, the good news is that this is something that we can fix if we put our heads down and go to work.

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